Resident Care Records System

More time for care, less on paperwork.
With RCRS it's fast, easy and simple to keep your Residents' information up to date.   

With RCRS the information you need is at your fingertips. Easy to find, easy to view, easy to manage.

You're in control

Resident Care Records System



Staff are only granted access to the functions they need.

Consistent Data

RCRS contains a comprehensive list of lookup tables that allows your system administrator to define valid codes and values. No miss-spellings, no made up values. Controlled. Sensible. Consistent


Keeping data consistent allows for immense productivity gains. RCRS allows for an incredible amount data, including documents, to be recorded per resident.

Using “Tab within Tab” technology we allow you to have all the information to do with a resident at your fingertips.

At a glance you can quickly choose which aspect of a resident’s information you can modify


Using the latest HTML5 technology we provide a simple easy to read and use interface. Your staff can choose any browser they’re comfortable with. We know that the investment in computer equipment that many clients have made is substantial.

Browser Access

Regardless as to whether you have Apple, Android or Windows devices your staff have access through any of the popular browsers including Safari, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Your users even get to choose their own theme.


RCRS has its own internal email engine. No need for staff to download or print out documents/reports, just send to the relevant person. We also include an automated internal email address book.

No need for special linking to Microsoft’s Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.


Access to RCRS is controlled by user login profiles. You decide. We can restrict access to in-house (LAN only) or we can set up secure access via the Internet.


RCRS allows you to keep the history of discharged residents, including any documents.


RCRS makes searching easy. Using indexed and non-indexed functions most information is quickly retrieved, saving time and frustration.


    • General Reminders For staff
• Resident Action for staff reminders


RCRS comes with many useful reports. If we don’t have the report you need, maybe we can create it.

Reports are generated as PDF files. Print, download or email straight from RCRS.


    • The Barthel Index – Set up your Barthel definitions for simple completion
• Care Plan – set up predefined care plan structures to ensure consistency

Resident Care Records System

Residents (we include much of the standard information you would expect)

• Basic Details (Birth Date, Gender, Languages)
• Review Dates
• Admission Details
• Medical Professionals
• Medicare/DVA/Pension/Private Health
• Resident Barthel Index
• Personal Care Plans (Including documents)
• Resident Medical History
• Allergies (Medical and Food)
• Immunisation History
• Family Contacts
• End Of Life/Discharge Info
• Document Storage
• Hygiene Management
• ACFI Related Data
• Nutrition Details
• Feeding Requirements
• Dietary Requirements
• Meal Info (including dislikes etc)

• Health – Blood Pressure
• Health – Urinalysis
• Health - Skin Integrity
• Health – Cardiovascular
• Health – Respiratory
• Health – Smoking/Alcohol
• Cognitive Assessment (restraints/behaviour/Cornell Scale/Pain)
• Oral Health and history
• Elimination information
• Mobility Assessment
• Bedding/Sleep requirements
• Vision information
• Hearing information
• Blood test information
• Chronic Disease Management Goals
• General Notes
• Document Upload and Storage

Resident Specific Reports
Comprehensive Medical Assessment
Hospital Admission Info Report
Resident Summary Report
Hygiene Information report

HDS - Dietary System IntegrationHDS Integration

Working with the team from HDS Tech we’ve reduced the amount of double handling of information to allow for seamless kitchen/nutrition updates from RCRS to HDS.

RCRS Licence

We licence RCRS on the number of beds you have in your facility. There is no restriction on the number of residents or users.

Subject to credit approval we can arrange an operating lease (licence rental, minimum term of 36 months) for you. You choose. 

Contact us for a quotation today.


Licence pricing includes GST and is based on the number of beds.
Note that the licence fee is for RCRS and does not include any Microsoft licence fees. All RCRS updates for the first year are included in the licence fee. Rental/Leasing is offered over a 36 month term to approved applicants.
Installation and training are charged separately.

 up to 50 beds

from $10,999/

 ($0.55c per bed per day)

Contact us today for a personalised quotation.

up to 75 beds

from $15,999/

($0.44c per bed per day)

Contact us today for a personalised quotation.

up to 100 beds

from $19,999/

($0.34c per bed per day)

Contact us today for a personalised quotation.

up to 125 beds

from $23,995/

($0.30c per bed per day)

Contact us today for a personalised quotation.

up to 150 beds

from $25,995/

($0.27c per bed per day)

Contact us today for a personalised quotation.

up to 175 beds

from $27,995/

($0.24c per bed per day)

Contact us today for a personalised quotation.

up to 200 beds

from $29,995/

($0.22c per bed per day)

Contact us today for a personalised quotation.

over 200 beds

Talk to us about prices for 200+ beds

Contact us today for a personalised quotation.
Rental/Leasing* is available for approved applicants


Leasing is available to approved applicants. For more details please contact us for a personalised quotation today. All prices and monthly payments are indicative only and subject to confirmation.

RCRS is licensed on a number of beds basis. The prices listed above should be treated as indicative. All prices/amounts include GST.
Please contact us for a personalised quotation.

Resident Care Records System Technical Requirements

RCRS requires a Microsoft Windows operating system for its server. The end user can use any computer or device that has a browser that supports HTML5.
The following environments have been tested and are supported
Apple iPad
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Microsoft Windows 10 professional or greater


RCRS Is designed to work with Microsoft's SQL Server Database engine. Talk to us if you have a need for a different storage system.


The server requirements for RCRS are;
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or greater

Cloud or In-House Hosting?

We're able to install RCRS on in-house or cloud based servers as long as the operating system is Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or greater. With a cloud based service we strongly recommend Microsoft Server 2012R2 or Server 2016.

The minimum recommended requirements for the server will be determined by the number of concurrent users you're expecting to have use the system.
Talk to us about your needs.

If you already have IT supplier/support we'll happily work with them to ensure that you get the best result from RCRS.

Resident Care Records System

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